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Alcohol during pregnancy is not good

The intake of alcohol during pregnancy is not a good habit. It may harm your baby in the womb. If you are addicted to such habits then try to quit them as soon as you get pregnant. The drinks during pregnancy can cause many types of birth defects to the baby and it can also harm the body of a pregnant lady. The most severe disorder is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which can cause growth problems, mental disability, behavioral problems, and abnormal facial features.

Some women think that a lesser amount of alcohol intake cannot harm the baby but it is not at all true. However, their pregnancy will not suffer from FAS disorders but there are many other alcohol-related problems that can occur with lesser amounts of alcohol use.

How does alcohol affect the baby?

If you are addicted to alcohol then try to say goodbye to your drinking habit when Effective Tips of getting pregnant you are planning to get pregnant. This is just for a couple of months or hard will it take one year without alcohol. However, you should also avoid alcohol during breastfeeding. This is your lifestyle but it is not good for your baby’s health. Check out the problems which may cause your baby for a lifetime if you will stick with your addiction.

Alcohol during pregnancy

  • High Intake of alcohol during the whole pregnancy period may harm your baby to a long-term and medically this condition is known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).
  • The babies can be born underweight and remain the same in the coming years. They do not grow well for a lifetime.
  • Some babies are harmed with their features of the face like they have small opening eyes, thin upper lips, small head, short nose, or the small vertical groove between the upper lip and the nose may be flattened.
  • The newborn will suffer from severe heart diseases.
  • Sometimes the babies are born with no formation of joints.
  • Apart from their undeveloped body structure they also face struggles in learning and memorizing anything, difficulty with attention, memory, and hyperactivity. These kids are not so active while playing and never mix up with other kids because of low confidence. The children who are suffering from the above-mentioned things are really very sad, upset, and frustrated with their life.

After reading all these negative effects, do you really want to take a glass of alcohol just to add sparks to your lifestyle in front of others? Your alcoholism will make your child suffer for their whole life. The choice is totally yours.

How much quantities of Alcohol harm the fetus?

Alcohol is not at all for the pregnant lady. It doesn’t matter how much you drink. Sometimes one glass of alcohol can also harm the baby’s development. According to doctors, the first trimester is very much crucial if you drink alcohol. They say that the baby’s brain, heart, lungs, and many other body organs grow in this trimester, and intake of alcohol at the start of pregnancy can result in the improper development of the fetus. Even if you are planning to get pregnant then you must stop the alcohol as soon as you have planned.

Alcohol is not good that you also know and when you drink You are also sharing it with your baby. Keep in mind that the quantity you are taking is also taken by your baby in the same quantity.

Keep in mind that even a glass of wine increases the chance of serious problems. If you really don’t want to see your baby in trouble then you should not drink any alcohol while you’re pregnant.


Alcohol while breastfeeding

Alcohol is not only a bad option during pregnancy but it is also very harmful during breastfeeding also. If you will take alcohol then that will also affect your breast milk. The baby will also get small amounts of alcohol passed through the milk. You will notice a different type of smell in your breast milk. Even the baby will also suffer from various difficulties in sleeping or digestion. If you will keep on drinking during the entire breastfeeding period then it may damage some of your baby’s sensitive internal parts of the body.

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How to quit Alcohol during pregnancy?

After reading the disadvantages of taking alcohol during pregnancy, you might understand how bad it is for the health of the baby. If you are addicted to this habit then it is really very hard to quit drinking but at least you can try to reduce its consumption when you start planning to get pregnant and quit till you conceive the baby. Here are some of the quick tips to quit Alcohol during pregnancy:

  • Avoid staying alone at the time you usually drink. It will help in forgetting the alcohol consumption.
  • Ignore the place and the people with whom you drink in particular places.
  • Whenever you get the urge to drink then try different fruit drinks. If possible try the homemade fruit juice so that they can also provide you and your baby the healthy benefits of the juice.
  • Avoid drinking parties, bars, and other alcohol-related places.
  • Take help from your friends and relatives to stop your drinking and even don’t insist you drink.
  • Tell your family members not to bring alcohol into the home.
  • You can also take the help of your doctor by taking various advice related to alcohol quitting.
  • You can join many seminars and programs which is related to anti-alcoholism. In this type of program, you will get to know about many harmful side effects of health.

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