Advantages of Natural Delivery

Giving birth to a child is one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences in a woman’s life. The most important decision a woman will make about the experience is whether to deliver her child the natural way or with medication.

Though sometimes a choice isn’t possible as nature and circumstances have a way of making the decision for us.  Women who choose natural birth have many choices like using positioning, relaxation techniques, and many other comfort measures like hypnosis to aid them in labor.

 Advantages of Natural Delivery are:

  1. Most natural childbirth techniques are not invasive. Hence there’s little potential for harm or side effects for the mother or for the baby. The mother doesn’t have to worry about drug safety because she is not going to use any drugs.
  2. When you refuse both drugs and any intervention which will interfere with the normal course of labor and birth, you actually do yourself a favor because, in the end, these will certainly result in non-complicated childbirth with a very less or no postpartum complaint
  3. There is no loss of sensation or alertness. The Mom will be awake and active during labor and birth and hence she can move around more freely and find positions that help you stay comfortable during labor.
  4. You don’t need to be hooked up to an IV or a monitor and you can move around with ease. Instead, you enjoy the freedom of taking a bath and walking around during labor and not restricted to the bed.
  • You’re less likely than women who get epidurals to need interventions such as oxytocin (Pitocin) to make your contractions stronger, by using methods like bladder catheterization, or vacuum extraction, or forceps delivery.
  • Your husband surely will feel involved in all this process as you work together to manage your body pain.
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5. As you are not medicated during the birth, you are likely to be alert even after delivery and hence you will be able to bond and connect with your baby immediately.

6. One of the other advantages is you will be able to care for your baby from early days and can get a head start on breastfeeding which is the best form of feed for the baby.

7. Natural birth is good for you financially since it costs much less when compared with medically aided birth. If you add in other drugs such as a drug to speed up labor (Pitocin), longer hospital stay, and whatever pain killer drug you need for recovery, then you can see how a medically aided birth increases more money from your wad.

Women feel a sense of empowerment and achievement after natural childbirth as they feel in control of the labor process.

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