8 Warning Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious ‘medical condition’. And it is a lifelong and life-threatening problem. When people go for some other treatment or ailment, Doctors often notice that the people are suffering from diabetes. Early detection is the main key to prevent diabetes. Usually, when people go for diabetic detection, it goes undetected as diabetes signs are not harmful and obvious. There are 2 types of diabetes: type1 and type2.

Type1 is the case where the glucose level is increased in the blood. And Type2 is the case where the glucose level is decreased in the blood and the body tends to show the signs when there is no adequate glucose in the cells.

Distinguishing diabetes symptoms is a difficult task, other diseases are always mixed up with this disease. 8 warning symptoms of diabetes include Frequent Urination, Excessive thirst, Extreme hunger, Tiredness or Fatigue, Sudden weight loss, Blurred Vision, Numbness feeling and Mood Swings and Irritability.

Tiredness or Fatigue: Tiredness or Fatigue is one of the warnings of Diabetes symptoms where the energy level is decreased.

Mood Swings and Irritability: Mood Swings and Irritability are the Diabetes symptoms where it results in a lack of ‘cellular energy’.

Blurred Vision: This is also one of the diabetes signs. The eye’s lens swells up when the blood flow towards the eye is excessive. So, we should be much careful when we face such symptoms. The ultimate result is Blindness.


Numbness Feeling: Numbness feeling in the feet, legs, hand area, or arms is 1 of the diabetes first warning sign.·

Sudden Weight Loss: Sudden weight loss is one of the diabetes warning symptoms. When your body has inadequate energy then the fat mass and muscle are broken, in order to replace energy loss. This leads to sudden loss of weight.

Excessive Thirst: This is one of the warning signs of diabetes.  When the water in excess is flushed out through kidneys, the person feels ‘thirsty’.

Extreme Hunger Are the symptoms that are noticed. When the body becomes energy deficient, then it is known that blood sugar is increased. This energy shortage is noticed because of an inadequate level of insulin in the blood. Then the signal is received by the brain stating that the body and cells are hungry.

Frequent Urination: This is the first caution of diabetes.  In the bloodstream, when the level of blood sugar increases to a certain level, then there is also an increase in blood amount which flows through the kidneys. Normally, when people grow older, they start experiencing this kind of problem like urinating frequently which is a warning sign of diabetes that is frequently ignored by people. Since they think this is due to growing older. It should be diagnosed if the diabetes is causing frequent urination. If it is left untreated, it can cause Kidney failure too.

Intake of Cinnamon helps the blood sugar to come to a constant level. We can consume it with a cup of tea every day, in order to balance the blood sugar level.

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