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8 Safety Tips to Enjoy Every Colour of Holi With Your Child

The month of March marks the arrival of spring. With flora and fauna blossoming, nature turns into a colourful paradise. To mark the arrival of spring, the country celebrates the festival of colours- Holi. People of all ages- from young to old celebrate Holi in every nook and corner of the country by smearing colours on each other’s face. This festival creates an ambiance of happiness and brotherhood. As a child, each one of us used to eagerly wait to play colours with our friends. Children play with pichkaris and water balloons splashing coloured water on people.  During the festival, people visit their family and friends with sweets and play Holi. Moreover, no festival is complete without desi mithai. Gujia is the star of this festival while Bhang plays an important role in Holi.

Amidst such a festive spirit, each one of us should be cautious as the festival of Holi may become dangerous sometimes.  As Holi is around the corner, few tips on how to take care of yourself and your child during the festival may come in handy.

  1. Oiling is the key: To save our hair and skin from the harsh chemicals present in the gulal, we swear by our age old “nani ke nushke” of applying coconut oil. So, oil your child’s and your hair with oodles of oil which prevents the dry colours from sticking to the hair. The oil creates a preventive layer between the hair and the colour. It also minimizes your job of that gruesome washing of your child’s hair. In addition to that, slather some oil to the skin before stepping out in the spring sun to keep the skin rashes at bay.
  2. Eco-friendly all the way: We all know about the harmful effects of the colours as they are loaded with harsh chemicals. These toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation, rashes, eye allergy, etc.  Never buy the loose ones and always go for organic colours which are easily available in the market or you can make you own colours using turmeric, beetroot or flowers. Furthermore, it would save a few gallons of water as well.
  3. Sunnies for the eyes: During our childhood, we too had experienced the trauma of colours getting into our eyes, followed by the continuous rubbing of eyes. To prevent your child’s precious eyes from colours, put on them a pair of sunglasses. In case the eyes come in contact with colours, splash clean water in the eyes slowly.
  4. The right clothing for the rescue: Always choose clothes which do not need washing or can be used next year. Choosing the right clothes for the child is very important. Always choose a full sleeve top or T-shirt and longs pants with minimal exposure to the skin. For hair, putting a scarf or a cap would do the job.


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  1. Smaller the group, the better: During Holi, people from all sections come together in the neighborhood to play with colours. We all are aware of how people can get rowdy after intoxicating on bhang. To protect your child from such unpleasant crowds, keep your group small and try playing Holi in your known communities/societies.
  2. Be wary of vagaries of weather: With the arrival of spring, the month of March also signifies the end of winter. Changing weather conditions may put your child at risk of catching a cold. Avoid letting the child play with water for longer hours and immediately change wet clothes with dry clothes after cleaning.
  3. All eyes on you: Apart from these preventive measures, it is always better to keep your vigilant eye on your child. Ensure the child does not loiter around crowds. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Post Holi care: After rigorous cleaning of the skin, the skin tends to become really dry. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer on the child after a bath or you can try curd or aloe vera gel to soothe their skin. And do not forget to hydrate.

Apart from the above tips which are also applicable to the pretty mothers, here are few additional tips for the mothers:

  1. As the sun plays peek-a-boo during this month, do not forget your sunblock.
  2. To protect your nails, you can either paint it with clear nail polish or put Vaseline before stepping out.
  • Show some TLC to your skin by using natural uptans such as dahi besan, sandalwood face pack etc after the festivities.

Hope the vibrancy of this festival spreads happiness among all. But safety always comes first and it is everyone’s responsibility to make this Holi a colourful one with the above precautions. Happy Holi!


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