50 healthy pregnancy tips

Top 50 Tips To Aid in Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not just about giving birth, it is about giving a new life to an unborn child. A pregnant mother has to take care of each and every aspect in order to ensure healthy delivery of the newborn. Pregnancy brings out the best version of the woman. Thus, it is very important that all the members of the family must take proper care of the diet and health of the lady. She must inculcate positive vibes from the surroundings and should be prepared for playing the role of mother in the future. She must be pampered and nurtured with love and care.

Given below is a list of some of the essential tips that a mother must keep in mind in order to have a successful  birth of the unborn child:

  1. Schedule regular visits to your doctor as early on in the pregnancy as possible.
  2. Tell your doctor your personal and family history regarding pregnancies.
  3. If you are on any medications, over it over counter, home remedies or prescribed, your doctor should know about them too.
  4. Thus, they should also be made aware of any long-term illnesses, genetic conditions, etc. that you or your partner may have.care-during-pregnancy
  5. Curb your caffeine intake.
  6. If you smoke, drink or take drugs – make concerted efforts to stop these habits.
  7. Reach out to friends and family, look up resources to help you quit these habits.
  8. Make space for proper exercise or any physical activity in your day.
  9. Go for a walk daily.
  10. Sign up for a moms-to-be yoga or Zumba class.
  11. Mention these to your doctor so that a safety plan can be set in place for you, in case you overburden yourself.
  12. Stay hydrated! Drink water from time to time, don’t wait until your throat feels parched.
  13. The adage breakfast is the most important meal of the day” applies now more than ever.
  14. Clear out empty calories from your diet.
  15. Look out for artificial sweeteners – they do more harm than good.
  16. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  17. Try to fill your diet with a balanced and wide range of nutrients, minerals, fibers, and
  18. If you like reading, pick up a book or two on pregnancy.
  19. You can also look for resources online too, like Facebook groups or YouTube communities around pregnancy, delivery, and
  20. They can offer you support and advice from people who have lived or are living this experience too.
  21. Get your iron levels checked.
  22. An alarming number of people step into their pregnancy with low iron levels, which causes a host of problems down the road. Take supplements for it, if and as prescribed.
  23. If you consume dairy, you can up your calcium levels with milk, cheeses, etc.
  24. Folic acid intake is crucial during pregnancy. Some natural sources of this acid include rice, citrus fruits, cereals, and leafy green vegetables.
  25. If you eat meat, make fish a part of your meals (but no more than 12 ounces a week). Research suggests that eating fish during pregnancy offers many benefits to you and the fetus.
  26. Green tea and standard tea do not have a huge caffeine difference. So though you can drink green tea, be mindful about it.
  27. To prevent high BP or tension, down your salt intake.
  28. Maintain a good sense of hygiene.
  29. This includes cutting your nails, brushing teeth twice a day, etc. Use a hand sanitizer too.
  30. You and your partner should get tested for STI’s. These infections can raise complications during delivery, or can even be passed on to the newborn.
  31. Immunization – doctors cannot stress enough on its importance. Catch up on vaccines given during and before pregnancy.
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  32. Some of them are given multiple times over the course of pregnancy, so keep track of the dates.
  33. If you have a cat for a pet, it’s time to stop handling its poop for now.
  34. A support system can do wonders for you during pregnancy.
  35. Let your close friends and family members know when you hit a rough patch, and navigate it together.
  36. Talk to your friends who are pregnant or have recently given birth.
  37. They will not only give you moral support but can also tell you more about the resources that helped during their pregnancy.
  38. Give your body the rest it needs.
  39. Sound sleep and employing relaxation methods throughout the day as needed can be very helpful.
  40. It is a good idea to encourage weight gain during pregnancy.
  41. You can up your calorie intake by 300-350 per day for that.
  42. Remember to stretch your arms and legs before you head to bed. It helps in voiding cramps.
  43. Avoid sitting cross-legged – it can lead to pins and needles.
  44. Start preparing your birth plan. Talk to your doctor about what you prefer and arrive at an optimal agreement.
  45. If you can, enrol for a birthing class.
  46. It will be helpful to be around other pregnant people, and it can ease any doubts or fears you have regarding the delivery.
  47. Postpartum depression is a thing and you’ve heard about it – but do you know it is common to show symptoms of depression during pregnancy too? Talk to your doctor about any feeling of guilt, prolonged sadness, anger, etc. that you may be facing.
  48. You can strengthen your pelvic muscles by doing Kegels. Best part? You can practice them anywhere without no one noticing.
  49. Focus on things outside of your pregnancy too. Read, paint, work as you can – this helps you maintain your individuality and gives you a space of your own.
  50. Keep a diary – visual, audio, or written – to record your experiences. It’s something that can help you vent, and you can come back to after some time to revisit this period of your life!

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