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214 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Urban parents and millennials who are new parents can choose from this list of baby girl names to name their child choosing from the list, each of which has a beautiful meaning. Parents who want to choose a meaningful name for their child can choose a name whose meaning they love and feel it could relate to their child have a long list to choose from. Every name listed here is unique and has a beautiful meaning.


  1. Adhira– meaning beautiful and pleasant as the moon
  2. Aaradhya– meaning the one who is worshipped
  3. Aaral– meaning a beautiful flower
  4. Aaryahi– is another name of goddess durga
  5. Abhirami– is another name of Goddess Parvathi
  6. Aditi– meaning the Earth
  7. Ahalya– wife of Rishi Gautama
  8. Ahana-meaning the morning rays of sun welcoming a new day
  9. Aisha– meaning lively and healthy
  10. Amaya– meaning innocent, guiltless, not cunning or deceptive
  11. Ananya– meaning, unique, like no other
  12. Anura– the one who is knowledgeable
  13. Anvi– a beautiful name of a Hindu goddess
  14. Ashira– meaning wealthy
  15. Ashni– meaning a ray of light
  16. Aami– the one who is loved dearly
  17. Aarohi– a musical notation or the sound
  18. Aarvi– the one who is peaceful
  19. Abeni– a girl who is prayed for
  20. Abhiri– a singer of indian music
  21. Abhiti– the one who is fearless
  22. Anavi– humane and kind

217 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings


  1. Baani– the mother Earth
  2. Bhairavi– one of the names of Goddess Durga
  3. Banhi– meaning fire
  4. Baruni– a name of Goddess Durga


  1. Chesta– meaning to try


  1. Daksha– meaning the Earth
  2. Dakshi– meaning the skill
  3. Darsha– meaning to see
  4. Devaki– the mother of Lord Krishna
  5. Durga– a manifestation of Goddess Parvathi
  6. Druthi– meaning softened
  7. Dinika– meaning the rising sun
  8. Dea– meaning goddess


  1. Edha– meaning divine and sacred
  2. Eesha– a name of Goddess Parvathi
  3. Eiravati– meaning the lightning
  4. Eshani– another name of Goddess Parvathi
  5. Ela– the earth


  1. Freya– Goddess of love
  2. Falak– meaning the sky


  1. Gurbani– sacred prayer of the sikh
  2. Garima– meaning grace and divinity
  3. Gehna– ornament or like a jewel
  4. Gini– meaning precious as a gold


  1. Haima– another name of Goddess Parvathi
  2. Hansi– innocent and pure as a swan
  3. Harleena– the one who thinks about god all the time
  4. Havya– something that can be invoked
  5. Hayma– a forest; can also mean nature and wilderness
  6. Hejal– meaning fruit, or the fruit that you bear
  7. Hemali– as cold as ice
  8. Henal– the goddess of beauty and luxuries
  9. Heny– meaning the sweetness we experience
  10. Heral– meaning wealthy
  11. Hetvi– meaning love
  12. Hir– meaning beautiful and something that shines like a diamond
  13. Hirisha– meaning like the rising sun
  14. Hiti– meaning love and care
  15. Hrisha– saintly and another name of Lord Vishnu
  16. Hriti– meaning happiness


  1. Icchaa– meaning desire
  2. Idaya– meaning heart and is also a name of Goddess Parvathi
  3. Idha– meaning intelligence,sharp perception, the mother Earth, and deep insights
  4. Iha– meaning earth, desire, and endeavour


  1. Jagruti– meaning awareness
  2. Jasmit– meaning the one that is famed
  3. Jasveer– the one who is victorious
  4. Jamini– meaning night
  5. Jinal– another name of Lord Vishnu
  6. Jovita– meaning joy and happiness
  7. Jivi– meaning being alive, life
  8. Jinisha– meaning a person who is superior
  9. Jigna– meaning intellectually curious
  10. Jeshna– meaning victorious or victory
  11. Jasima– meaning beautiful
  12. Janya– meaning being born
  13. Jagvi– meaning worldly
  14. Josya– meaning very delightful
  15. Jama– daughter
  16. Jahanvi– the one born from the ear


  1. Kyathi– meaning fame
  2. Kunjal– meaning nightingale
  3. Krushi– meaning hard work
  4. Kripi– meaning very beautiful
  5. Kimaya– meaning divine
  6. Khyathi– meaning fame or famous
  7. Kashish– meaning attraction
  8. Kaya– a regal looking dark-purple flower
  9. Kamani– meaning fullness or absolute
  10. Kanali– meaning the sun
  11. Kamya– something that is beautiful and desirable


  1. Liya– the one who is with god
  2. Lavi– a lovable person
  3. Lakhi– a name of the Goddess lakshmi
  4. Lavenia– the one who is purified
  5. Lipi– an alphabet in the manuscript


  1. Meisha– the one who is mortal and lives
  2. Meha– meaning the cloud
  3. Mariya– meaning purity
  4. Manika– meaning jewels or precious like jewels
  5. Manjyot– meaning enlightened mind
  6. Manali– means a bird
  7. Mahek– meaning fragrance or fragrant
  8. Mahi– means a lot of things like greatness like the Earth or the river
  9. Madri– meaning Tuesday, can be named for a girl born on Tuesday


  1. Nikhita– meaning the Earth
  2. Nihira– meaning a treasure that is newly found
  3. Nidhi– meaning treasure, luxuries
  4. Niveditha– meaning an offering to god
  5. Nina– meaning a women who is slender and the one who wears jewels
  6. Narita– someone who gives you strength
  7. Naven– a name of Goddess Lakshmi


  1. Oshee– meaning the divine
  2. Oshmi– meaning the personality
  3. Oishi– meaning divine
  4. Oma– meaning the one who is a life giver
  5. Oorja– meaning the energy which keeps us enlightened
  6. Ojal– meaning vision
  7. Omi– meaning the sound of the universe
  8. Ovia– meaning a painting or an artist or the painting of the dawn


  1. Pihu– the one who is great
  2. Peya– the one who is everybody’s favourite
  3. Poorbi– meaning the eastern direction
  4. Pahal– meaning the beginning, a frame of time, or initiative
  5. Panya– the one who is admired and is astonishing
  6. Paridhi– meaning, a realm
  7. Pia– the one who is beloved
  8. Piyali– meaning, a tree
  9. Prasha– a desire or symbolic of love
  10. Praya– another name of Lord Shiva
  11. Preesha– a talent which is a god’s gift
  12. Priyan– another name of Goddess Lakshmi
  13. Pranja– the one who is cute looking


  1. Roshita– illuminated
  2. Rosheen– meaning like a rose
  3. Ruchita– bright and shining like a splendor
  4. Romini– meaning pretty
  5. Rikita– meaning clever and bright
  6. Riona– meaning royal and magnificent
  7. Rijutha– meaning innocence and sweet
  8. Riddhima– meaning evolving in love
  9. Rewa– meaning swift
  10. Ramini– meaning a beautiful woman
  11. Ragi– a loving person
  12. Raima– a pleasing woman
  13. Ruhi– a person who has higher values
  14. Reema– one of the names of Goddess Durga
  15. Ranya– someone who is pleasant and delectable


  1. Sabri– a devotee of Lord Rama
  2. Sanjh– a beautiful evening
  3. Siddhi– meaning prosperity and the one who is accomplished
  4. Savini– a river which gives nectar
  5. Sarangi– a doe, or a singer well versed in ragas
  6. Sara– meaning stable and firm
  7. Sanika– meaning a flute
  8. Saivi– meaning prosperity
  9. Saadri– meaning a conqueror
  10. Sahana– meaning patience and also means a queen
  11. Saanavi– a name of Goddess Lakshmi
  12. Saavi– meaning the sun.
  13. Sachi– meaning truth and grace
  14. Sadhvi– a polite, pious, and a religious woman
  15. Saha– meaning tolerant
  16. Sahej– the one who is original and is natural
  17. Saina– a beautiful princess
  18. Saisha– a desire or a wish
  19. Sakshi– meaning a friend
  20. Samani– meaning a night which is calm
  21. Samayra– meaning a person who is enchanting
  22. Samiha– meaning generous
  23. Samisa– meaning love
  24. Samreen– means a lovely girl
  25. Samta– meaning equality
  26. Saanya– meaning love
  27. Sanavi– meaning goddess lakshmi
  28. Sanchi– means the one who is balanced and collected
  29. Sangya– meaning intellect, and is also the name of the wife of Lord Surya
  30. Sanhaata– meaning consciousness
  31. Sanika– meaning the melodious flute
  32. Saniya– meaning the one who is distinguished
  33. Sanjiti– meaning victory or victorious
  34. Sankari– another name of Goddess Parvathi
  35. Sanshi– meaning praise or praiseworthy
  36. Santhiya– meaning calm, quiet, and peaceful

186. Sanvi– a name of goddess Parvathi

  1. Sanvy– meaning night time
  2. Sasha– the one who defends men and helps mankind
  3. Saumyaa– meaning mild and is also a name of Goddess Durga

192 Savi– the name of Goddess Lakshmi

  1. Sayli– an elegant white color flower
  2. Seena– a river
  3. Selvi– meaning symbolic of wealth
  4. Seona– meaning god is gracious
  5. Shaili– meaning something carved out of a rock
  6. Shamini– a name of Goddess Durga
  7. Shefali– meaning the jasmine tree
  8. Shefali– beginning of a new work
  9. Shiesta– meaning cultured, refined, disciplined
  10. Shivali– a name of a flower
  11. Shyla– a name of Goddess Parvathi
  12. Sia– name of Goddess Sita and a woman who is beautiful
  13. Siri– meaning Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
  14. Snehi– meaning friendly and cheerful by nature
  15. Soha– is the name of a star and also a raga in music
  16. Srujal– meaning sacred, holy water


  1. Tvesha– meaning brilliance
  2. Tisha– meaning happiness


  1. Uditi– meaning the rising


  1. Viha– meaning the heaven


  1. Yami– progress, also means a celestial nymph
  2. Yati– another name of Goddess Durga



These are the list of Hindu baby girl names you can choose from for your little one. Listed here are wonderful names with beautiful meanings, some of which are also names of goddesses. Pick a wonderful name from this list for your girl child without having to go through long extensive booklet of names.


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