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Pros And Cons Of Head Shave

bald shaved head parents talks legal

Shaving one’s head may seem like a drastic change to make but a lot of people find it comfortable. A majority of men shave their heads because they suffer from male pattern baldness or extreme hair loss. However, teenagers usually shave their heads if there is an ongoing fashion trend …

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New Trends Of Head Shave

New Trends Of Head Shave Parents Talks Legal

Though shaved hair styling is a new trend and not many people adopt it. Fashion is associated with people who prefer funky styles. Many shave their heads because balding has set in or the hair fall is severe. Some adopt shaved head styles just because they like it so. Here are the shaved …

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Hair Follicles Clogged By Sebum


Taking care of your hair is not a difficult task and you can do it just by devoting a little time each day. You should keep your hair clean. If your hair is not clean and the hair follicles are blocked by dirt and sebum, they will harm the hair. …

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How To Get Rid Of Body Hair Naturally

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Body hair is a cause of worry for many people as most of us are quite conscious about beauty. This is especially with women who feel that facial and body hair mars their good looks. While many ladies do not like hair both on their bodies and on their faces, …

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How To Remove Armpit Hair

Armpit hairs parents talks legal

A large number of people think of armpit hair as unattractive. Naturally, removing it is up to every individual even though a few customs may not allow it. If not done in the manner that suits your skin and skin type, it may lead to further problems and serious skin …

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Diet VS Exercise A Debate For Weight Loss

Burnout Hot Bold Exercise Parents Talks Legal

When it comes to choosing a healthy life, people often get confused about what to choose “diet or exercise”? There has been a lot of debate over both. However, both diet and exercise have importance in life. A well-balanced diet helps to make our body system work effectively whereas exercise …

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Are Sore Muscles A Good Sign

High Workout Bold Sexi Parents Talks Legal

Extreme workout to become fit as early as possible may leave your muscles to soar. Sometimes the pain surfaces a good 24 hours after the exercise.  This kind of soreness is termed delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Is that a good sign? Is muscle soreness a good thing to happen …

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Test Yourself To Know Your Fitness Levels


It is very important that a person should know “how healthy he/she is?” it is necessary because it tells you your physical abilities and capacity. One can get an idea about his/her health if goes through a few small fitness tests. These tests are designed in such a way that …

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List Of Weird Ways To Get Healthy

anna victoria fitness parents talks

Getting healthy is very important, but ways to remain healthy can be boring. However, there are a few weird ways that can help you to be healthy and you don’t have to put extra effort to do them. Basically, they are methods or things that we do in our daily …

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Can You Reverse Years Of Neglect On Health


It takes time for people who have spent many years away from fitness exercises to finally reverse this trend. It takes more than just efforts in the gym in order to reverse this situation. For instance, one has to plan how he is going to deal with this seemingly impossible …

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