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Ammonia And Peroxide Free Hair Color

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Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are important ingredients in hair color because they are both chiefly instrumental in keeping the hair color for a longer duration.  Without these chemicals, hair color will fade off after a few shampoos.  Ammonia is usually included only in permanent hair dyes. Temporary hair dyes are …

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Choosing Right Shampoo For My Hair

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Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is very essential for you to achieve healthy hair and maintain it without any unwanted harmful effects. A shampoo appropriate to your hair only will be effective. If you have oily hair you should not use a shampoo or conditioner meant for dry hair. The dry …

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Diet for Healthy Shiny Hair

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If you are looking to improve the quality of your hair or give it a better texture, it is essential that you consume the following food products 1-Salmon Salmon contains the following nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin B-12 Iron These nutrients lead to improved health of your scalp. On the …

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How To Make Organic Shampoos At Home


The skin is the largest organ of the body and the frontrunner in keeping you protected from the entry of toxins into your body. It is important to keep the skin healthy, hygienic, and clean. Harmful cleaning agents and unguents should be avoided. Using high-quality, harmless and preferably organic cleansers for your skin …

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