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15 famous Muslim Baby names : You May Use For Your Newborn

When it comes to deciding a Muslim baby name for your child you would wish to keep it the best and as unique as possible. As soon as a baby is born in the family, all the family members become excited and start giving their own suggestions. It becomes difficult to choose the best name among them. We have to bring fifteen selected names that can be appropriate. Choose the one whose meaning matches exactly with the babies’ personalities.

In this article, we shall throw some light on the popular Muslim baby names that can be used to name your newborn.

List of Muslim Baby names to check out

Muslim names are quite meaningful and have a deep meaning. Given below are some of the renowned Muslim baby names that you must have a look at if you are looking for a unique Muslim baby name:

  1. A’dab:

The sound of the name A’dab feels so good to the ear. It is a very pleasant name. The word in Arabic means hopes or need. The Muslim baby name seems to be modern and is appropriate for the parents who are looking for a trendy name. However, the word A’dab is often confused with another Arabic word ADAB that means good manners, morals, and decency. So, please make sure you do not confuse yourself with the two words.

  1. Aabidah:

Aabidah according to the Arabic dictionary means worshipper or devotee. The name would go for a family that considers traditional outlook of life and wishes that their future generations are as religious as they are.

  1. Aa’eedah:

Aa’eedah is the name that’s suits a baby girl the best. The Muslim baby name means returning or reward.  Again the word sounds very beautiful to your years especially because of ‘ah’ at the end to give it a sparkling touch.

  1. Afra:

If you looking for a name that relieves the child attachment to the earth, wants to give a feeling that he or she always remain down to the earth you can go for the Muslim baby name Afra that means the color of the earth. It comes from Saint Afra, patroness of fallen women of Germany.

  1. Ahd:

Ahd is a different Muslim baby name as compared o the other names, it is unique and you hardly find people with the same name. the name means PLEDGE. Nothing could be better than the name for a strong and energetic child. The name was used widely in the ’60s but seems as an old classic now making it unique for the present time.

  1. Ahlam:

Every child is witty and sharp and therefore if you want to showcase this personality trait of your child more often you can name him or her Ahlam which means witty. The Muslim baby name is very modern, most suitable for the current generation

  1. Alima:

In modern families, special focus is given on the child’s education and therefore for the family who has teachers or principles the baby could be named as Alima which means educated and intellectual. The name has been chosen by a lot of people as everyone wants their child to be educated and well read, the Muslim baby name is on the favorite list.

  1. Almas:

Doesn’t it sound something just like pure and beautiful to your ear, so simple yet so elegant? The name can be used for a beautiful baby girl who is a princess for her parents. The meaning is as stunning as the name, it means diamond. Won’t you like a princess to be called a diamond?

9.  Amal:

Amal is another Muslim baby name that is on the favorite list and like any other name it is known for its stunning meaning and moreover the fact that it will always relate with the existence of life because the word means “hope” and the life of human beings is based on hope.

10. Dimah:

It’s time to move forward from the name starting from A. If you are willing to have a name that starts with other than A, you can go for Dimah, moreover if you are a nature lover and want your child to be the same nothing can be better than the name because it means carrying rainwater.

11. Dunya:

If we go deep thinking about the existence of life we will come across the fact that the girl child is the nurturer of this life and the entire world is based on her existence. Therefore a name like Dunya which means life can definitely be the best choice for your baby girl. The spelling may vary as Dunia or Dunya.

12. Elham:

The life of a child is all about inspirational. He or she grows and learns by interpreting giving by their parents for doing the particular work. Elham is a name that can suit every child because it means inspiration in Arabic.

  1. Esita:

Not everything can be achieved by walking on the lines set by the other people, often we need to make our own way of achieving the things we desire. If you which for a confident young girl Esita is the best Muslim baby name which means desired.

  1. Fatima:

Fatima means captivating. You may have heard the name Fatima several times before. Though it is very common still is preferred by most people especially who are very religious become Fatima was the name of the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

15. Inbihaj:

There is something that attracts you to the name, its sound, the generosity that is conveyed and has a unique aura. The children deserve all the happiness of the world, so there would be hardly any parent who wouldn’t consider the name while selecting one for their child because it means happiness and cheerfulness.

Now that you have known the meanings of these wonderful names, you can easily select one for your newborn baby.


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