12 Things You Can Do During Lockdown -COVID-19

So you are in lockdown, hope you are safe and having good and enough time. Surely you will be just busy with your mobile, Facebook, tick-tok, Whatsapp and Instagram. The whole day you’ll be spending only watching TV and using your timepass mobile.

Surely you get bored now, let’s make your this lockdown time more interesting and productive by staying at home and safe.

Spend Quality Time With Old Parents:

There is NO medicine of COVID-19 till the time, governments have decided Lockdown situation and advised to make social distancing from people and society. Staying at home is only safeguard at this time, especially old people who have aged more than 75 years. Keep your old parents safe at home and spend quality time with them. Discuss everything good and bad decisions you have taken till now in your life, ask for advising and take their inputs for the future. They have great experience in their lives and they are the assets of your family. Give them regards to love and care. Spend family time with old parents, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them. It is good if all family members can spare some time for GOD to Pray Jointly.

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Do Yoga- Get Fit

Get up early in the morning and start doing YOGA, health is wealth, increase your immunity.  Yoga is very powerful for health and body, start doing yoga daily at least 60 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening, you have enough time this lockdown, do exercise and stay healthy and fit.


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Help Children in their Study

In officially and working days, you don’t have much time for your children’s studies, obesely in this lockdown, there is “NO Tuition”. Help your children at least three hours a day, surely you get to know the exact weak areas of your child in the study. Children are away from school, they can be casual at this time,  so you can help them in their studies and make a daily class routine at home.

Learn To Play an Instrument

Learning never ends, you have much time, start learn guitar, tabla, flute, piano or any other instrument you like. Playing an instrument is very useful for health also, written in “Yog Grants”, also you can pursue your passion. The more you love the instrument the more you make your spiritual mind. Always a calm and spiritual mind person can take great and strong decisions.

Do Some Gardening

Gardening can be your good hobby, if you have space in your home, you can start planting some beautiful flowers. If you already have, spend some time and make it more beautiful and presentable. Taking care of small plants is also an art.

Connect With Your Life Memories

You can also recollect your life memories, give beautiful shapes for your best, spend time with family and recall all beautiful pals, surely this will give you new hope and motivate you a lot. We always need motivation and spark in our life, surely this will help in the future also.

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Do Online Course- Enhance Your Skills

This is the perfect time to learn something new that can help in your future and career growth. One should always enhance their skills by learning new things, we can recommend you here online courses through “UDEMY”, you can choose in course according your choice and career field, this is online video programs, at the end, of course, you will receive course “Certificate” that surely can help in your professional career.

Learn To Cook Up A Storm

Are you fond of eating? Surely everyone, staying at home in this lockdown, try something new, start cooking your favorite dishes, surely you can explore your cooking talent. Give the rest to a female member who always cooks for you, this is your time for a new experiment and kitchen mate.


Quit a Bad Habit

This is the right time to quit your smoking and alcohol habit, staying at home, stay away from these bad habits, take a hard decision and focus your mind on other things, eat healthy, do Yoga, sit with old parents, spend a good time with family.

Organise Your Home/ Room

You can make your room more neat and clean, decorate and organize all the things in new manners, change the look of the room, clean each corner of your home, the more you organize you’re staying home, the more you enjoy the beauty of your sweet home.

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Make Family Collarge

You should make a family collarge, select best memories and pictures of your all family members, decorate all the pictures in big Chart paper, make folders and painting in between pictures, surely this will be a great colorful family collarge.

In this lockdown, you can do best what you think and imagine, the more you do any activity, the more you can have fun along with family. Surely, you’ll remember this lockdown time and fun activities have done in this period for a long in your life and after lockdown open. 

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