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10 Workout Secrets: Expert Exercise Tips

Good health and fitness are sought by everyone.  Exercise and a sensible diet lead the way to health and fitness.  A regular exercise routine helps you maintain your weight, keep depression, arthritis, stress at bay and keep your body supple and strong.  Here are 10 smart tips to help you to work out better.

  1. Seek the advice of a fitness expert or a friend (who is well into fitness and workouts), about the kind of exercises that suit you and that are needed to keep you fit.  For instance, if you have arthritis there are specific recommended exercises for you.  Always choose a regimen that only appeals to you.  It is significantly important that you enjoy every minute of the workout, so you don’t abandon it halfway out of boredom or exhaustion
    Source- Kelsey Wells
  2. Keep a realistic goal in focus.  Project an image of yourself as to how you would look after you reach the ideal weight.  Write down all that you need to do (a schedule) to achieve the goal and stick to it. This is the most important tip for a successful fitness schedule. Decide on how many days a week and for how long every day you will work out.  The plan you make must not clash with your other daily tasks.  The workout routine should fit into your day without eating into your sleep, relaxation, and work routines
  3. Read about people who have trained successfully on their blogs and other websites.  You will derive a lot of inspiration from the fact that they started out just like you and are now enjoying maximum health benefits from the most effective workouts.  Sometimes their advice may be invaluable and can be incorporated into your regimen
  4. Fit in the exercise routine at a time when you feel most energetic to derive its maximum benefit.  Some people feel ready to take on the world early in the morning, while others may enjoy a brisk walk late in the evening.  Choose whatever time suits you best
  5. You can have a personal trainer, you can join a group activity or you can set up a time-table for a regular walk with friends.  The location can be your home, a nearby park, or the gym.  If you choose to exercise regularly with a friend who is equally health-conscious as you then both of you can encourage and motivate each other to perform well
  6. The way you exercise must help you achieve holistic health benefits and not just help you lose or gain weight.  It has been seen that women who exercise for overall fitness are much more likely to stick to the schedule than those interested only in weight loss or gain
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    Kelsey Wells

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  7. The days you feel down and out exercise only for 10 minutes or so… You never know… you may end up completing the full schedule for the day once you start the workout and start enjoying it!
  8. When you are halfway towards achieving your goal, celebrate the mini-milestone with friends and family.  Treat yourself to the spa or buy a tracksuit you’ve wanted to have for a long time.  This only motivates you more to reach your goal in an excellent frame of mind
  9. Be patient.  The effect of working out may not be evident in the first few weeks.  You have to wait for the effect to be really obvious.  There is no point in losing heart just because nothing seems to be changing…
  10. Keep the health and fitness regime with sensible eating.  Pack in balanced nutrition into your meals.  Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and fiber in your diet.  Fluid intake should be high.  Include the right electrolytes to make up for the energy lost in exercise

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