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10 tips to enhance creativity in your smart kids

Creativity has its own colorful world which cannot be tamed in the corridors of a school. When the boundaries are set free, creativity replenishes multifold. A creative mind needs lots of air and sunlight. Not literally! It means, when the defined boundaries are broken in the air and limitations are ruptured below the vast expanse of the sun, a beautiful mind creates wonders.

When it is about kids, the mind is a blank canvas and the heart is a free horse. Let them fill the canvas with their dreams and ride those horses to rein them. To nurture creativity in the kids, you should follow unusual ways to kindle it.

1. Give them unmatched things and ask them to create any new product out of it.

2. Writing tops the list of creative activities. Ask your kid to write a paragraph on something which they love or the last dream they saw. You will be amazed to know their thoughts.

3. Leave them in the company of other kids without monitoring. See the role they enact and watch a new scientist or a teacher in making.

4. How about a kid’s book club where they read out their favorite poems or jokes. Stories would be even enriching.

5. Hand them your old not-in-use camera in working condition and see the wonders.

6. Let them paint the full wall coated completely with a sheet of inexpensive paper. We bet, the drawing will amaze you.

7. Allow them to learn fire less cooking. Next time when you crave for a snack, they will surely make a Monaco sandwich for you with fresh lemonade.

8. Let them celebrate small moments, however menial they appear. The art of rejoicing is necessary to relieve the hard work.

9. Do not complicate any activity and give them lots of free time and open space. Leave those management skills and parental control in a closed cabinet and see the wonder called the child.

10. And finally, let them make their decisions break-free and allow failing. Failure is the first step of growth. No one has ever reached the zenith without stumbling a few times.

There is nothing more rewarding for parents than seeing their kids create surprises. Education can be forgotten and jobs can be lost. But a creative mind never fails; it will find its way back to normalcy after defeats. So what are you waiting for? Go, pick one of these points today, best suited to your kids and challenge their creativity, chisel the artist in them and see them grow.

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