10 Things Parents Should Know Before Joining Their Kids In School

Dear parents, you saw your kid growing up from a tiny being in your hands to a baby who is taking baby steps holding the nearby things here and there. Time flies so fast. Doesn’t it? Now the main tension comes to the new parents getting accustomed with new responsibilities and new challenges every day – which school would be the best to join their little cutie pies? Here’s an article to help you out solving your top tensions and worries parents. Let’s go in the reverse order today. Shall we?

10 Things Parents Should Know Before Joining Their Kids In School

10. Don’t check the percentage gained by the students of the school:

You see parents; the average percentage of the school doesn’t determine the fate of the school. The percentages might be fake and the school might not be the perfect one to the child. Check that out.

9. Check the area occupied by the school

Schools situated in a small area make the children more prone to claustrophobia which might turn fatal in the upcoming future of the kids. That doesn’t mean that they are conserving the space. There might be something else. So, check the area occupied by the school before enrolling them into that school.

8. Count the number of hours they spend in the school per day

Come on parents, grow up. Children who are staying in their schools from 9 to 5 doesn’t mean that they are studying and those who are staying from 10 to 3 doesn’t mean they are not. According to a recent survey and research conducted by a non-government organization, children who spend fewer hours in their schools are proved to be healthier, sharper and much more creative. Keep this point in mind if you want to see your kid as the ideal one.

7. Check the school’s timetable for each class

All work and no playing game make Jack a dull boy. Count the number of hours dedicated to extracurricular activities per week and then decides whether to enroll your kid in that school. Never I repeat never ever make your child get confined to four walls. They have the whole world ahead of them to get exposed to. Leaving them in a closed room with four walls makes them an introvert lately. That will affect them in their future. They won’t be able to communicate even if they want to very badly. So, never, ever commit the mistake the regular parents do. Your children have to pay for your crime.


6. Enquire about the faculty of the school

Just talking about your child’s admission to the Principal won’t be enough to take a decision about the admission of your kid into that school. The Principal won’t teach your kid. The faculty does. Inquire the Principal and the other students about the faculty, their academic experience, their qualification and the relationship they have with the students of that particular school and then take your time to decide whether to enroll your kid or not.

5. Check the strength of the class of that school

Strength of the class is inversely proportional to the attention given by the teacher to each and every student. More the number of students per classroom, less the amount of attention the teacher give to each student. That might lead to incomplete clearance of doubts and as a result, their young minds will stop thinking.  If the numbers of students are less per classroom, the teacher could devote equal time and attention to each and every student. As a result, their every doubt is clarified and they start to think to solve a problem in their own perspectives.

4. Check the method of teaching of that school

Teaching doesn’t just mean read from the book and walking away. It means making the subject easy to understand and easy to remember. If at all you see the lack of this teaching, immediately walk out from that school and never ever turn back to that school. That will lead to destruction of your child’s career in their future.

Here comes the top 3 points to remember….

3. If at all the school is residential, go into the hostel and check that out:

If you are planning to send your kid into a hostel, go into the hostel and check the rooms in and out. You see, appearances can be deceptive. The exterior maybe hi fi and the interior might be the worst. So, before sending your kid far away from you, make sure that he/she is comfortable and happy with being away from the family for a whole year. If the kid is happy, who are we to stop their happiness? Go ahead and give them what they wanted all along.

2. Ask the fellow students about the school and get a brief idea about the school:

No one is a better critic of the school than the students who are studying in that school itself. After you are done talking with the Principal, go to the students and ask about the school. They will give you the best, accurate and perfect information about the on goings of the school. Then, decide what to do and what no to do with your kid and that school. One wrong step can make both you and your kid pay a heavy penalty throughout your lives.

The golden tip from this article is….

1. Never go for a school which has the special batches named cream, star, spark, toppers etc.

These batches are created on the basis of the tests the schools conduct and the marks students obtain. There is a possibility that the faculty might focus on this batch and leave the rest of the batches. In simple words, this is known as partiality. Never I repeat never ever join your kid in that type of schools. They will either turn your child into a robot or into a dullard. Do not commit this mistake.

Some Final Words:

It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t top in the tests. All we want from them is just the ability to lead their life independently. Join your kid in that school which gives your child this power.

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