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10 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 AM

This is one of an old saying that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise” and there should be no if and but in accepting this good habit in life.

Morning timing should be utilized properly to make the whole day healthy. According to experts, morning activities provide you self-motivation and confidence which becomes the key to a successful life.  If waking up early is in your habit then you are living an ethical life that will not stop you to fulfill your dreams.

There are many stories of a successful person who shared that they wake up early in the morning. It is found that people who wake up in the morning are more proactive and productive as compare to people who wake up late.

This article is for the person who sleeps for late hours and doesn’t know about the advantage of the morning time. Read and let yourself know that what extra things you are losing in your morning time. Check out: 

  1. Warm Water:

    The very first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is to drink warm water with lemon and honey added to it. The lemon boosts the energy level of both physically and mentally. This is a natural energy drink consist of potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C and these all work for the whole day. Make it your habit and enjoy the energetic day. 

  1. Workout:

    Jogging, Running, gym and exercises boost your energy and keep you healthy. Even a simple morning walk also counts in a good habit. If you are not able to give hours of timing for a workout then make at least 15 min schedule for stretching your body. Yoga is also one of the best ways to maintain your body. Even now people are giving more priority to Yoga as compare to other workouts.  

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  1. Meditation:

    Meditation is the process of making focus at one center. This is done to control the emotions and feelings to avoid the distraction and achieve the target goal. Doctors also suggest the practice of meditation early in the morning to balance the mental states of a person and keep them free from anxiety, depression, and stress. However, Meditation in India had been practiced since many eras ago, but now it is famous in the whole world because of its benefit. 

  1. Scheduling and planning:

    Morning is a good time to map out the whole day and make a planned schedule to avoid the wastage of time. Make sure while planning that you give rest to you in between every work schedule. Plan to eat something healthy and nutritious, give time for family and friends, shopping, social surfing, etc, are some of the leisure timing work which you can plan to refresh your mind while taking a break between works. 

  1. Shower time:

    Make a habit to bath early in the morning with warm water. Too much cold and too hot water is not good for a bath. 

  1. Worship to God: 

    It is very necessary to indulge our sometime in worshiping god. Prayers and doing worship to god provide peace and stress-free life. People go to religious places to get mental satisfaction. Morning prayers will give you positive energy which makes the day happy and cheerful. 

  1. Healthy Breakfast:

    If the morning starts with healthy food then surely the whole day will be charming and enthusiastic. Early wake up will give you time to have your breakfast without any hurry to go. Eat sprouts, healthy biscuits, and other homemade breakfast to make you energetic for the whole day. Eating early breakfast will give you the chance to start your day with the family and spend quality time with them. 

  1. Switch off the phone:

    Make the morning time of just yourself and switch off the phone so that no one can waste your morning time. Make the important call, messages, and emails and then switch it off to avoid any type of disturbance. 

  1. Newspaper or motivational content:

    Spend some time in the reading newspaper so that you come to know about the current situation of the country. If you want to be a successful person then early in the morning read some motivational and encouraging books or stories which will give you the power to make your dream true. 

  1. Complete the hard project: 

    Morning is the refreshing time at which you can focus on something and complete the hardest project. The energy level is up and you will get full mental support to solve any queries. This is for the students as well as adults who can wake up early and spend their time with the most difficult activities or work which they normally avoid to do during the day time.



Benefits of waking early

Along with completing so many works early in the morning, there are also some of the major benefits of waking up early. Some of them are:

  • Morning time reduces mental stress and eliminates the possibility of having depression.
  • Waking up early will increase your very important sleep quality. Early wake up will let you sleep early at night also.
  • Morning power provides you the positive feelings which make your day happy and joyful.
  • In the morning time the brain tends to be alert and awakening and thus it gives a chance to make a better decision.
  • It helps in increasing the concentration power.
  • Boost your energy and make the day full of enthusiasm.

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Tips to get up early

After reading this article many of you will think to wake up early in the morning and complete the work to enjoy your day cheerfully. Here are some of the best tips which will help you to wake up early. Have a look:

  • If normally you wake up late then start slowly and cut down 15-20 minutes from your waking up time. For ex- If you wake up at 9 AM then start to wake up at 8:40 for 2-3 days then again more 20 minutes before 8:40 and continue to cut the hours until it reaches early morning time.
  • Make a habit to sleep early so that you can wake up easily without any laziness. Proper sleeping hours are also important.
  • Make the alarm clock your friend and wake up at what time it says you to get up.
  • As soon as you wake up, get your feet out from the bedroom to avoid the feeling of again sleeping.
  • Whenever you wake up early, feel special and say yourself to maintain it.
  • Don’t think to start tomorrow. Wake up from the morning you decided because tomorrow never comes.


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