10 Best Tips to Parent a Teenager in Love

Teenage fling is an exotic phase that is full of excitement, love, care, and sensations. Being a teen, you might feel like all of your dreamy fairy-tales might have come true, but in reality, you are merely experiencing your first fling of love as a teenager. Raising a teen as a parent is not everyone’s cup of tea. Your child’s first relationship experience is more likely to be similar to you at your age. Teenagers are at their peak of experiencing sudden emotions for someone and are confused about how to handle it. So, as a parent, you need to help them explore new phases of their lives and guide their way to cope with their feelings.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most essential that all parents must keep in their minds while handling their teenager’s dating issues.

Have an Open Talk about Sex:

Try to have a conversation about the most sensitive issue of sex and intimacy. Your teens need to discuss the pros and cons of having sex at this young age. Moreover, it is in the best interest of your teens to get all the necessary information from their parents rather than someone else. Discuss your beliefs, values, and ethics, and try to make them feel comfortable while you talk about all of these things.


Value of Healthy Friendly Relationship:

It is your duty as a parent to sour the seeds of a happy relationship in the hearts of your kids. Teach them the ethics of trust, honesty, respect, dignity, integrity, mutual understanding, and open communication with your partner. The right partner is the one who supports you in all the ups and downs in your life and will accept you as you are. You must interact with your teenagers and make them realize the true worth of personal freedom and togetherness with your partner.

Seek External Assistance:

It is advisable that you help your teens whenever they are facing problems in their relationships. Consult a family therapist who can guide your teen to tackle his mental as well as personal issues in a sophisticated manner. Also, you can take the help of several online websites which can offer you additional tips to initiate a constructive conversation with your child, and Parents Talks Magazine is providing all the relevant topics and suggestions. Moreover, you can go for an outing or shopping to enhance your bonding with your child, providing him or her a chance to express themselves without any fear.

Discuss About various kinds of abuse and its warning signals:

There is a plethora of abuse such as sexual, physical, financial, digital, emotional etc. which can harm your teen in case he/ she is unaware of the warning signs. Now let’s have a look at each of the sexual abuse in detail:

  • Emotional Abuse: It comprises of all kinds of manipulations, forced isolation, insults, feeling of fear or guilt, degradation, humiliation etc.
  • Financial Abuse: This kind of abuse utilizes money, fame, and power to control another person.
  • Physical Abuse: Any type of physical force like pushing, choking, hitting, biting, etc. that results in causing injury to the other is known as physical abuse.
  • Digital Abuse: Any form of technological media like texting, videos, pictures that involve harassing, bullying or intimidating others.
  • Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse is a persistent effort to get close to some other person and get involved in sexual activity.
  • Stalking:  Stalking is a constant act of following and seeing another person and observing each and every activity.


Respect the opinions of teenagers:

While communicating with your child, make sure that you use a gentle tone respecting the beliefs, values, and views of your teenagers. Have an open, broad-minded approach with them and improve their confidence and self-esteem by believing in themselves. If you are imposing rigid ideologies of yours, then your teen is more likely to become frustrated and scared.

Explain the difference between love, lust, and attraction:

Take your time and discuss all the basic concepts about the relationship with your teenagers. It is very difficult for them to analyze their emotions for the first time. Make them understand that love and infatuation are two completely different feelings. Love requires care, mutual understanding, and selfless compromises, whereas attraction is a short-term emotion that can give you goosebumps and make you feel special for a while.

Speak gender-inclusive language:

Make use of sophisticated and straightforward language rather than using harsh and bold words to your teenagers. Discuss all the issues about dating and relationships in a sexually oriented tone delivering your words with generosity and love. For instance, instead of saying, how was your chick? You may ask, how is your girlfriend doing? This shows a sense of concern and care rather than sexual curiosity or humor. Never make fun of your teenager’s relationship, no matter how different it is. Make them feel comfortable while talking to them about any kind of sensitive issue.

Offer support and guidance:

Be sure that your teen is getting all kinds of emotional support and assistance. Always be there for them and be a good listener to hear their problems. Discuss your ideologies and hear out their stories about their first fling. Never demotivate them for their choice or do not laugh at their feelings. Provide an opportunity for your teen to initiate a conversation on this topic. Open communication and support will not only build the foundations of trust and honesty but also enhance perspective towards life.

Some Final Words

Parenting is one of the toughest stages of your life. Trust fertilizes the soil of love in your heart so that the seeds of compassion and togetherness grow and blossom into a healthy parent-teenager relationship. Be more like a friendly face and an active listener rather than being a strict parent. Your teenager needs your assistance to understand their feelings and emotions. Guide their way with appropriate illustrations and stories and comfort them with warm words that it is to have a liking for someone at your age.


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